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Network configure and server configure

Network Configuration

  • Power on the device. If it is the first time the device is powered on, it will automatically enter pairing mode. Manually enter pairing mode: Alilo G6/G6s, Alilo F6/F6s, Mitu C1, Octopus, Cactus, MagicBox or enter pairing mode through AT commands.

  • Open your smartphone or computer and select the "FoloToy-xxxx" wireless network. Wait a moment, and a configuration page will automatically open on your smartphone or computer, where you can set which WiFi network to connect to, server address, and port number.

  • If no page pops up, you can also configure by entering in your browser.

  • Main screen explanation: There are three buttons on the main screen:

    • Configure: Used to configure WiFi connection.
    • Info: Used to view hardware information.
    • Exit: Used to exit configuration.
  • Click on "Configure" to enter the configuration page.

    • SSID: Name of your home/office WiFi (supports only 2.4G wireless networks).
    • Password: WiFi password for connection (cannot be empty).

Server Configuration

  • If you want to use a self-built server, we provide comprehensive documentation and tools to help you set up your own server. For more details, please refer here.
  • After setting up your self-built server, click on "Advanced Settings" in the device pairing interface and enter your MQTT server address and MQTT server port.
  • You can also purchase our testing server, purchase link.