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Firmware upgrade and FAQ

This web is designed to facilitate three key operations for your device: program, console, and conversation content viewing.

Feature introduction

  • Program: This feature allows you to easily upgrade the firmware of your devices.

  • Console: Use this function to view real-time logs from your devices, assisting in efficient debugging and troubleshooting.

  • Dialogue: This feature enables you to view and manage conversation content associated with your devices.

For windows users, you may need to install a driver so that your device can connect to your PC.

The device needs to be turned on.

  1. Access Program: Click on the 'Program' option in the interface.

  2. Download Firmware: Visit the firmware download page and select the firmware that corresponds to your device.

  3. Select BaudRate: After downloading the firmware, you need to select the correct baud rate for communication. For Windows users, a baudrate of 921600 is recommended. For macOS users, a baudrate of 460800 is recommended. Alternatively, you can use the default baudrate.

  4. Connect: Click the 'Connect' button to establish a connection with your device.

  1. Select Firmware and Write: Choose the downloaded firmware file, set Address at 0x0 and click the 'Write' button. Wait for a few minutes for the firmware to be written to you device.