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Installing via Docker

This document provides the necessary steps to install the FoloToy server on any system running Docker.

If you are running the FoloToy server on a home network, it is recommended to use this setup, otherwise your EMQX may be at risk. If you plan to expose EMQX directly to the internet, please refer to the Advanced Guide.


Before starting the deployment, please follow the instructions in Getting Started to prepare the VPS, docker-compose.yml, and roles.json.

Installation Instructions

  1. Create a directory, for example, create a directory folotoy-server in your Home directory

    cd ~
    mkdir folotoy-server
    mkdir folotoy-server/config

    # Or
    # mkdir -p folotoy-server/config

    All further operations will be carried out in the folotoy-server directory

  2. Create a docker-compose.yml file and paste the prepared content into the file

  3. Create a roles.json file in the config directory and paste the prepared content into the file

  4. Start the Docker container using the docker compose up command. To run the container in the background, add the -d flag:

    docker compose up -d

Updating Server Image

To update the configuration of the running FoloToy server to the latest version, run the following commands:

docker compose pull folotoy
docker compose up folotoy -d