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Fofo User Manual

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1. Network Configuration


The Folotoy server is already configured. Just connect to the network and you're ready to go!

Network configure and server configure

2. Start a conversation

  • After the network is configured and connected to the server, press the big round button in the middle to start the conversation. After you stop speaking, FoloToy will emit a beep to indicate the end of the recording.

3. Switch roles

  • he 7 round small buttons around are role switching buttons. After clicking, the role switch takes effect.

  • The seven roles correspond to:

    1. 你好,我是火火兔,请问有什么我可以帮助你的吗?
    2. 你好,俺是东北兔,请问有什么俺可以帮助你的吗?
    3. Hi, I'm Fofo. Nice to meet you.
    4. 你好,额是夸夸兔,请问有什么额可以帮助你的吗?
    5. 你好,我是山东兔,请问有什么我可以帮助你的吗?
    6. 你好,我是台湾兔,请问有什么我可以帮助你的吗?
    7. 你好,我是红小兔,请问有什么我可以帮助你的吗?

Folotoy Troubleshooting

What do light's colors mean?