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Cactus User Manual

1. Network Configuration

Network configure and server configure


The Cactus server is already configured. Just connect to the network and you're ready to go!

How to enter pair mode

  • Press and hold the "Switch Role" button until the cactus prompts "请配置网络"

2. Start a conversation

  • Once the network configuration is complete and the server is connected, press and hold the "Conversation" button to start the conversation. After you stop speaking, the cactus will emit a prompt sound to indicate that the recording is over.

3. Switch roles

  • Click the "Switch Role" button to switch to different cactus roles. Each role has a different personality and ability.

  • Here is an introduction to the three roles:

    1. 你好,我是搞笑仙人掌,和我聊聊吧?
    2. 你好,我是模仿仙人掌,和我聊聊吧?
    3. 你好,我是魔力仙人掌,和我聊聊吧?

Cactus Troubleshooting

Charging Completed已经充满能量了!
Low power啊~~~,好累
Mqtt server connected电波对接成功!
Pair mode请配置网络
Wifi Connectedwifi连接成功
Wifi disconnectedwifi未连接